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Amplifying Student Voice With Podcasting

Alicia Johal

This conversation is rooted in both student voice and student agency. All students have a voice, and podcasting is being utilized here to amplify and share their ideas. I teach language learners, honors, special education and general education students and have found podcasting to be a meaningful and equitable use of technology in the classroom to support each student's thinking and creativity. When the attendees go back to their own classrooms, they will be confident and equipped to create a podcasting project for their own students. Moreover, teachers can make this more accessible by having individuals or student groups build episodes with a cell phone, tablet or laptop - if they are not currently in a 1:1 environment. The designing and engineering process that comes with podcast creation in a class setting is an authentic and meaningful way for students to showcase their ability to think critically, design solutions and share their ideas with others.

Conversational Practice

This conversational practice will be rooted in collaboration, designing and building. Each educator in the room will be a part of the design process and will leave with a product to showcase in their classrooms. This will not be a sit and listen presentation, but an active session where educators will utilize their creativity, content area knowledge, pedagogical skills and imagination.

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