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Centering The Students at the Margins

Session 3
Jose Luis Vilson-Rojas — EduColor

When we talk about schooling, we often like to talk about them from a place of "What are the good schools?" which is a question fraught with biases and inequities. Usually, the schools are either well-resourced (and often highlighted) or schools rated on narrow measures of success (and often with more complicated stories than the narratives that make it out). The definition of "good" in these contexts loses so much of why, despite these challenges, many of our most vulnerable students enjoy coming to their own schools.

We need to develop broader and bigger imaginations of what schooling is and can be, and which measures give us strong indicators for actual student belonging and success.

Luz Maria Rojas-Vilson and Jose Luis Vilson-Rojas share their 32 years of collective experience in some of our city's "struggling" schools and provoke questions for us to interrogate how these narratives work to perpetuate the very inequities they seek to deconstruct. They'll chat race, culture, multilingualism, second-chance schooling, math, and how bias and inequity play out in these spaces.

Conversational Practice

We will start with a question: "What's a good school?" and build out a conversation that allows us to tease out the use of "good" from our most marginalized students. We may capture our learnings on a board and hope to come to consensus about the work we must do to move forward in our work both big and small.

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