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Does Digital Badging Belong in the Classroom?

Mary Beth Hertz, Gabe Kuriloff — SLA Beeber

Presenters will share their experiences implementing digital badging in the classroom and pose inquiry questions to the group around this practice. They will provide other examples and elicit examples from the group. This will include various grade level and content area examples, research around digital badging, as well as pros and cons.

Conversational Practice

Presenters will take 15-20 minutes to introduce the topic, research & examples and to get to know the attendees and their experience and knowledge of digital badging. Then, participants will break into small groups to discuss inquiry questions provided by the presenters. If there are participants with experience with digital badging, we will make sure that we spread them out among the groups. Groups will be given the task of designing their ideal digital badging system OR building a case against digital badging by providing an alternative.

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