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Moving Beyond Standardized Advanced Curriculum

Session 2
Peter Gow — One Schoolhouse

Why might a school want to create its own advanced secondary courses? What might the characteristics of such courses be? What systems and expertise must be in place to make such an initiative successful? What considerations must a school take into account as it implements such an initiative? Based on the experiences of multiple schools that have successfully made this move, this session will offer participants a comprehensive introduction to the idea that teacher-created, mission-aligned advanced curriculum can offer students powerful and meaningful learning experiences that incorporate the latest ideas in pedagogy and learning theory and that resonate deeply with multiple key audiences. Participants will be explore big questions, learn about useful resources, and take a deep dive into the process of doing the work—and talking about it—well.

Conversational Practice

Built around a generic case study, this session will engage participants in a series of structured exploratory dialogues relating to the transition to independently created advanced secondary curriculum.

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Peter Gow
Peter Gow
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