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Let's Build an Arts-Focused School Network

Session 4
Jill Davidson — Center for Artistry and Scholarship

With nine schools (so far) from across the United States, the Center for Artistry and Scholarship is building a network of schools that put arts and creativity at the center of teaching and learning. This network is in its early stages—so early we haven't named it yet (maybe you can help with that). The aims of this network are to share what works, research the impact of daily, high-quality arts- and creativity-focused education on building resilience among populations at risk for trauma and high stress, and to build assessments that inform effective practices. At this stage, we're interested in hearing the need for and interest in this emerging network. It would be fabulous to bring these ideas to EduCon to get smart people to kick the tires.

Conversational Practice

Design thinking mini-hack followed by general discussion and identifying next steps.

Mini-Hack Protocol: - Introduction (5 minutes) - Introductions and Ideation (12-15 minutes) - Consensus Building (7-10 minutes) - Collaborate, Create and Design (~25 minutes)

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