During each of the six breakout sessions throughout the weekend, a large number of conversations will take place. This site will help you organize your plan for the weekend and provide the relevant information for each conversation. After signing in, search through the conversations below and mark the sessions you are interested in to populate your personal schedule on the right (or below if on your mobile phone).

Exploring a Broader Context for Developing Authentic Learning Experiences

Session 1
David Jakes

Schools have always searched for relevance and the authentic connections that make learning meaningful. In this conversation, we’ll discuss a set of critical questions that can lead to a broader understanding of the challenges associated with developing authentic landscapes for learning. Our goal for the session will be to catalyze thinking by challenging the assumptions and reality of school while uncovering potential solutions that lead to a future-focused school experience grounded by authenticity.

How to Guard Against Biased Grading

Session 1
Marc Ottaviani and Tricia Stanley

Unless we actively guard against implicit bias in our grading practices, assessment outcomes become inauthentic as they can promote racial inequity. It is only through transparent assessment systems and culturally relevant pedagogy, that we can better prepare our students to be independent learners and assess them fairly. In this session, participants will be guided through a series of interactions around assessment and bias.

Inquiry-driven Instruction for a Rapidly Changing Planet

Session 1
Augusto Macalalag

Help your students explore human impacts on the planet including population growth, rising global temperature, threats to biodiversity, and compromised ecosystems through experiential and inquiry-based activities. In this conversation, we’ll discuss interdisciplinary strategies for applying learning in several disciplines to authentic problems.

Learning IRL

Session 1
John Clemente, Chris De La Cruz, Nataly Monsalve, Faatima Johnson

With few authentic experiences and limited technology, school is increasingly detached from the real world (technology is everywhere - except schools and airplanes). At SBC, our Deeper Learning challenges position students to deliver for authentic audiences. Come see how we design original Boogie Down productions.

Learning through parallel Contextual and Curricular based Environments

Session 1
Dr. Liza Bearman, Matt Lucas & Joe Wise

In this conversation, participants, with us, will compare and contrast the roles of curricular and contextual learning to hopefully gain a better understanding of how to leverage both types of learning to integrate content with experience. We will introduce folks to our (Wildwood's) developing educational model that, unlike other approaches that we are aware of, situates experiences in a broader context and encourages transfer between experiential learning and content knowledge.

Real Privacy for Real Education: Common Sense Media Shows You How

Session 1
Steve Garton

When students enter the classroom, they expect that their privacy will be protected. Students trust their teachers, but the ubiquitous influx of technology changes the privacy concerns. Leveraging Common Sense’s years of privacy experience, We’ll have a conversation about personalizing your choices about privacy for edtech.

Steps to Becoming an Authentic Learner and Leader

Session 1
Bobby Dodd

The conversation will generate discussions on strategies to: - Use social media to share learning and leading - Help others close to you grow - Share leadership - Appreciate what you have and show gratitude - Create habits and trusting the process - Generate ideas or possibilities - Address unprofessionalism

Teaching for a Living Democracy

Session 1
Joshua Block, SLA Students

Join a SLA teacher and SLA students as we explore ways to change the experience of school for students. We will discuss opportunities for students to use inquiry and project-based learning to produce complex work, reconfiguring understandings of themselves, their capabilities, and their roles in the world. Ideas in this session relate to the book Teaching for a Living Democracy, forthcoming from Teachers College Press.

Welcoming Authenticity: A student perspective

Session 1
Swetha Narasimhan, Hannah Gann

A conversation with students representing the Women of the Workshop School, female-identifying students from The Workshop School (Philadelphia, PA) talking about how they bring their race, class, gender, and other parts of their identities into the classroom.

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