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Against Reinvention: Adjusting the Wheel: An inquiry into re-teaching, shared reflection, and manageable improvement

Session 3
Hilary Hamilton, Elizabeth Houwen, Dan Symonds — SLA Middle, SLA Beeber, SLA Center City

In this session, teachers across all three SLA campuses will lead a discussion focusing on what it means to revise and improve curriculum and practice. Too often, teachers are expected to fully reinvent what and how they’re teaching. We want to think about what it means to use the time it would take to create something new and allocate it to create something better. Specifically, how can we elicit and feedback from students to help us make more meaningful and intentional learning happen? We are particularly interested in practical redesign for a variety of contexts: traditional, progressive, and everywhere in between and beyond. We want to leave with plans, specific to our individual contexts, to bringing students into the work of reshaping the curriculum. As SLA teachers, we come to this work from a middle school and high school lens. We come from different disciplines: Math, History, and Humanities. We’re eager to think about how these contexts and the diverse contexts in the room inform the decisions we make to revamp. Come ready to share and work. We’re excited to dig in to this together.

Conversational Practice

This will be an interactive discussion with time set for individual reflection, partner/group discussion, sharing of ideas, and time to work on a tangible artifact to use in the classroom.

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