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Cohesive Culture: Comprehensive Restorative Practices

Session 5
Zuri Stone, Robin Walker — The Learning Exchange/YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School

How do we change the reputation of Restorative Practices in school from discipline model to a way of life? Restorative practices is a social science studying how relationships influence the culture of a community/organization. This workshop is a comprehensive look at restorative we like to call ‘Cohesive Culture’. We believe leadership is “taking responsibility to make things go right for your life, your family, your [organization], and your community.” A restorative culture is a catalyst of leadership for all members of the community. It encourages everyone to embrace every moment as a learning moment: learning from mistakes, exchanging authentic feedback, looking for opportunities to grow, and taking accountability for the impact on the community.

Conversational Practice

This workshop will happen in a circle format in the spirit of restorative practices. Restorative circles ask levels of questions to allow participants to share best practices as well as come to their own understandings through the lens of their unique experiences.

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