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Emancipating Design and Thinking: School as Home of Opportunity

Session 3
Ira Socol, Dina Sorensen, Pam Moran — socolmoran partners, Virginia School Consortium for Learning

The biggest equity challenge we see to creating and sustaining school as a home of opportunity for all learners are roadblocks we humans build. What does a home of opportunity look like? Sound like? Feel like? In what ways are the values of opportunity represented in Space? Pedagogy? Culture? Time? Tools? What inspires community members to become architects of opportunity? What roles do young people and adults play in building and inhabiting such a home? How might people come together to design-up a home of opportunity? What school traditions should be scrapped? What’s worth keeping? How does the community foster courageous and contagious creativity? How do you get radical invention of homes of opportunity going in your own school community or district? Join us and we’ll dream together and share how an OPTI worldview “open to possibilities and transforming through imagination” can help us weave together a narrative for homes of opportunity.
Dina, Ira, and Pam will create a safe space for participants to play, design, and think together to explore the potential of school as home of opportunity- to address all the gaps, create the desired states, and remove the barriers to doing what's needed to create rich, interesting, curiosity-amplified, healthy learning experiences for every single child.

Conversational Practice

We aim to wildly use hands to mind build strategies, design, and open conversation to move participants into a popup community of thinkers and designers of what some deem impossible- school as home of opportunity.

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