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Exploring a Broader Context for Developing Authentic Learning Experiences

Session 5
David Jakes — David Jakes Designs LLC

Many factors contribute to the development of the teaching and learning experience in schools. Traditional expectations of what school is and how the school serves students are grounded by traditional and expected actions by educators: defining curriculum, developing instruction, and defining assessment, among other things. The development of authentic learning opportunities in schools requires thinking beyond what school is and how to develop a broader and more comprehensive palette for learning that redefines the roles and expectations for all participants. We’ll discuss all of this and develop a snapshot of what could be.

Conversational Practice

The conversation will be composed of a series of provocations for discussion. These focus on the impacts of predictability, the culture of education, shifting notions of literacy, where learning occurs, the role of the school community, and what it means to be well-educated in 2020 and beyond.

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