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Future Ready: Are We?

Session 6
Dr. Margery Covello, Dr. Casey Cohen — American Paradigm Schools, Rose Tree Media School District

Participants will introduce themselves and identify interests and concerns related to the topic. Participants will receive a survey that describes the topics we will discuss. We will ask them to rank the order of interest of our topics and determine the order of the session accordingly. In addition, throughout the session, participants will add to a Padlet as they share collective notes, thoughts, and questions. This will be helpful when participants break out into smaller groups at the end of the conversation.

Participants will skim two short readings: one on authenticity in education and one on future ready implementation. Participants will use padlet, word clouds, and sliding scales as they explore these questions:

What are common themes in the readings? What do the readings make you wonder?

What is the role of leadership, technology, instruction, partnerships and family engagement in creating authentic future ready experiences for students?

What resources are required to be future ready? What are the critical components of meaningful professional development around future ready for teachers, leaders, and families?

How are future ready initiatives affecting school budgets?

What will school systems and processes look and feel like when future ready initiatives are fully and authentically implemented? What are the expected outcomes for students?

At the end of the session each participant will attempt to identify an action item that they can accomplish this semester and this school year. Groups will have an opportunity to reflect on take-aways and what can be taken back to everyone’s school communities.

Conversational Practice

Participants will have an opportunity to talk one on one in the beginning of the session. Participants will have an opportunity to work through a challenge with a group. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect as a group. Participants will converse via a backchannel in Padlet.

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