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How Might We Design a Makerspace?

Session 4
Liam Gallagher — Upland Country Day School

After a short presentation reflecting on my experience designing the IDEA Center - a newly built maker space at Upland Country Day School (an independent school in Chester) - attendees will be tasked with prototyping a fictional maker space given certain real world constraints. They’ll be asked to discuss philosophy, big ticket tech items, work space and big picture curricular goals as a group. The groups will then build a prototype of their maker space and share with the rest of the attendees. Small group conversations along with larger group feedback during the share portion will be featured.

Conversational Practice

The prototyping process in small groups will facilitate conversation along with the big group sharing/feedback portion. The attendees will mostly be building and discussing after a short reflective presentation.

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Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher
Upland Country Day School


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