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Intentional and Unintentional Gender Bending as a Classroom Teacher

Session 2
Freda Anderson, Jonathan Estey — U School, SLA Center City

In the beginning of this section, Jonathan and I will present the concept of intentional and unintentional gender bending as a teacher. Then we will spend some time story telling about our own experiences with gender bending in the classroom. Educators will be invited to share some of their own stories of gender bending in class. We will discuss some of the risk involved, and the importance of balancing feeling safe in your classroom, while at the same time pushing on heteronormative and traditional gender barriers. We will then give educators time to brainstorm possible ways that they themselves can gender bend in their classrooms. They will share out some of their ideas. They will then come up with a detailed plan for how and when they will carry out 3 specific ways to gender bend in their classrooms. Finally, educators will share out some of their plans and we will wrap up.

Conversational Practice

In the beginning of this session, educators will have the opportunity to share their own stories. As they brainstorm their plans, they will be able to share out their ideas. As they finalize their plans, they will have time to speak with one another and work together. When their plans are finished, they will be invited to share them out.

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Jonathan Estey
Jonathan Estey
Science Leadership Academy


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