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Session 4
Laura Deisley — Lab Atlanta

Frustrated with the standard high school curriculum and siloed disciplines? Wondering how to connect your students more authentically to their city, challenge them to really engage with its history and people, unleash their voices and ignite their problem-solving and leadership skills? Want to get kids out of their bubbles and expose them to opportunities and others beyond their zip code or school zone? Lab Atlanta launched in 2017 as a "semester abroad" for local public and private school 10th graders in the city of Atlanta. Incubated at The Lovett School, the Lab is now an independent nonprofit and partnered with local universities, Atlanta Public Schools, and the growth/strategy design firm ThreeFiveTwo. We've hit the pause button (not operating the school for 2 years) to spend time gaining more empathy with our stakeholders and to iterate a sustainable model that isn't so dependent on foundations and other charitable support.

Come to this session with a designer's mindset, a bias towards action, and willingness to collaborate. We'll get you up to speed quickly on what we did, in "1.0" and then spend the majority of the time as a whole group (or multiple small groups depending on the audience size) generating more feedback and tackling some of the design questions along the way. You'll leave energized, inspired, and most likely with some ideas to take back home.

Conversational Practice

We will start with a little improv to warm us all up, then do some context setting (Lab 1.0 debrief). The majority (1 hour) of our time will be either whole group or multiple small group exploration of key design elements and challenges—you'll get to challenge, inform, and exercise some of your own design skills.

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Laura Deisley
Laura Deisley
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