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Living in the Digital World

Session 5
Mary Beth Hertz — SLA Beeber

NOW IN ROOM 1169 Presenters (including students) will help define the digital world and what it's like to live there. Students will discuss how they use social media and discuss various inquiry questions around using social media, online identity and the pros and cons of social media. Participants will be invited to share their own experiences and pose questions to the students. Presenters will provide example lessons done in class and class discussions to model what these discussions look like in a classroom. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of how young people navigate their online lives and they will walk away with specific strategies for having conversations around cyberbullying, responsible & respectful uses of social media, the impact that social media has on individuals and society, and the way social media can be leveraged for good.

Conversational Practice

Presenters will take 15-20 minutes to introduce themselves and explain the Intro to Tech course that students take at SLA Beeber. Students will discuss various inquiry questions posed by the adult presenter around how they use social media and their perspective on living their life online. Participants will break into small groups to discuss their own use of social media or their own perspectives on social media while students circulate and sit in with groups to join the discussion and answer questions. The group will then come back together and participate in a whole group discussion around specific inquiry questions. Each of these forms of discussion and the questions and content model for participants how to have these conversations in their classrooms.

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