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Project Based Math in Middle School: Balancing Content and Creativity

Session 1
Nancy Ironside, Monique Carter, Heather Lisle — SLAMS & SLA@Beeber

The session will focus on these essential questions: How can skill practice be embedded into project work? What kinds of tasks support both skill development and projects? How can standards drive project design and mathematical understanding? SLAMS and SLA@B teachers will share perspectives, challenges and successes and elicit perspectives, challenges and successes from participants. A shared document of ideas will be created to become a resource for future planning.

Conversational Practice

Middle School teachers from SLAMS and SLA@B will talk about the challenges and opportunities of project based math. Participants work in small groups to grapple with the essential questions and share concerns, solutions and strategies for developing math skills without sacrificing projects.

Presenter Profiles

Heather Lisle
Heather Lisle
Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber
Nancy Ironside
Nancy Ironside


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