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Should There be a Redemption Road?

Session 2
Robert Dillon — School District of University City

As we watch public figures (writers, authors, politicians, school leaders) be ushered to the sidelines for mistakes of various amplitude, one has to wonder if there is a path to redemption and the return to public conversation. Can someone fired, removed, or voted out return to public discourse in a way that can be healthy for all. Is there room for redemption in an era that has shown us how to shine bright light on mistakes. Has the court of public opinion created a new form of judgment with no avenue for apologize, repent, and return humbled to be productive again. Are there some things beyond redemption? Is time truly enough of a healing force? This session looks to explore these ideas and questions as well a look to outline a pathway and playbook for those that have been sidelined.

Conversational Practice

There will be three active parts to the conversation. 1. The sharing of stories by the facilitators around having experienced making mistakes and their consequences. 2. A protocol-based conversation that promotes listening and empathy-based responses. 3. A solution creation time that charts potentials paths to redemption.

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