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Student Visibility

Session 4
Nancy Ironside, Sarah Bower-Grieco — SLA-MS

Students feel more engaged when they are seen and appreciated for the contributions they make to their school. In our conversation we would like to grapple with the following questions:

1.)How do we see students as a district, school, and in the classroom? 2.)What are the systems that are already in place? 3.)What are the overlaps and gaps between these features? 4.) Is there more to see in students than just data?

Discussion around these four questions will lead to an understanding of how student visibility can be sustainable for teachers and lead to increased student engagement, academic achievement, and social and emotional wellness.

Conversational Practice

Present the essential questions Have participants share best practices Small group discussions and make posters around sustainability and student outcomes.

Presenter Profiles

Nancy Ironside
Nancy Ironside


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