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Wait, You Use PBL in MATH, too!??!

Session 4
Brian McGarry, Victor Hernandez, Jonathan Estey — SLA

This Conversation is intended as a group workshopping and sharing session for math projects. Bring your own successful projects, your nascent project ideas, or just your worries and blocks to implementing your own project-based math class! Together, we will share project ideas and tips, give each other feedback on our project ideas, and offer up ideas for inspiration (or for blatant copying).

Conversational Practice

This session will be formatted as a roundtable sharing-and-workshopping conversation. Guests will be invited to bring their own math projects or project ideas, and the majority of the time will be spent on sharing ideas and offering suggestions and feedback. Once the conversation norms are set and the introductory information has been shared, we (the presenters) plan to fade into the crowd as fellow practitioners as opposed to lecturing authorities.

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