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Teaching Climate Change through Action

John Kamal, Patrick Colgan — SLA, Drexel

The challenge of this generation of students will be battling climate change. The role that educators play in preparing our students for this task is becoming ever more urgent. This preparation is ideally suited to align with the Next Generation Science Standards for Engineering Design. This session will review the methodology used to develop an innovative approach to educating our students through action on this problem. Our students aren't being taught the science of the problem Solely to prepare them to work on the problem as adults. Instead, they are learning about climate change to enable them to address the problem right now in their communities.

Join two engineering educators and their students to learn how this project was developed and how student perspectives on this problem have evolved over the course of the year, leading to an innovative interactive teaching tool leveraging four years and 1,000 hours of high school engineering education.

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