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Inquiry-driven Instruction for a Rapidly Changing Planet

Session 1
Lorraine Howard — Adjunct Associate Professor at Wilkes University; Population Education Trainer

Science literacy and data literacy are critical in helping us make everyday decisions that affect our environment and our global society. Today’s young people inhabit the Anthropocene Era and will face unprecedented challenges to trying to create a sustainable future. In this conversation, the facilitator will engage participants in discussion and introduce ideas for interdisciplinary activities that help students explore human impacts on the planet including population growth, rising global temperature, threats to biodiversity, and compromised ecosystems. He will present activity ideas that aim to build skills in science, math and social sciences, while applying learning to authentic problems, and will invite conversation on how these types of inquiry-based activities would work for different student populations. The facilitator will also lead conversation on how to put issues of sustainability into a social context and foster civic engagement among middle and high school students around creating sustainable societies.

Conversational Practice

The entire session will be interactive. The presenter will employ several conversation protocols including some data-driven dialogue in small groups (centered on climate change data and issues), Four Corners discussion on several human ecology issues, and small group concept mapping and discussion.

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