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Learning through parallel Contextual and Curricular based Environments

Session 1
Dr. Liza Bearman, Matt Lucas & Joe Wise — Wildwood School

Through interactive discussion and sharing of materials (virtually and hard copy), we hope to create space for participants:

  • To explore an expanded form of contextual learning and connect to their own school contexts where applicable
  • To compare and contrast the challenges of curricular and contextual learning
  • To be introduced to a new, developing educational model that utilizes the strengths of each to optimize learning

Some actionable take-aways that participants in this conversation may be able to begin to imagine implementing in their work might be:

  • Connecting contextual learning (internships, service, etc.) with currlcular learning
  • Working with students as the real drivers of learning
  • Developing a parallel strand of learning in a school that does what it does well

Conversational Practice

We will use lots of discussion coupled with interactive activities, document (PPT) sharing, lots of questions, and focused CONVERSATION!

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