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Session 4
Wendy Galson withy a to be determined trainer from Responsive Classroom or a teacher who uses Responsive Classroom — Wendy: private practice of psychology; Sarah Lorraine

Participants will view the documentary feature Empress of Everything: Messages from a Master Teacher (film made by retired SLA school psychologist Wendy Galson, and Greg Windle, SLA alum) about the last year in a primary school in the home of Denise Dee Haines. Empress of Everything provides the opportunity to watch a master teacher in a richly resourced setting, (as EduCon participants did on Friday!) very different from settings many of us work in. Although her power comes from "the whole package" of her school, watching her work can lead to very specific inspirations.

Conversational Practice

The group task would be to apply EduCon inspirations (gleaned from the film and/or other 'flashes of light' during EduCon) to specific challenges faced by participants in their own settings, by talking about what was inspiring to them and how they might aim to change their own practice in light of that inspiration, with goal setting that is amenable to progress monitoring.

On-line collaboration will take place in a Google Classroom https://preview.tinyurl.com/empressofthis

Three monthly follow-up online gatherings will be offered for interested participants to share their progress and refine their goals.

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Wendy Galson
Wendy Galson
Self-employed psychologist


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