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Real Privacy for Real Education: Common Sense Media Shows You How

Session 5
Steve Garton — Common Sense Media

Let’s have a conversation about privacy in the classroom! Students expect that their privacy will be protected when they enter the school, the classroom, and onto virtual educational spaces. Educational Technology (edtech), now used for both pedagogy and administration, often collects personal and private information. We need to make privacy choices in the classroom when we use edtech to instruct and inspire. We have to consider our privacy options in the schools’ administrative functions, looking at student behavior, special ed, healthcare, and law enforcement interactions. At the boundary between school and home, we’ll discuss privacy options for managing homework and extracurriculars.

To start the conversation, Common Sense will share a matrix cross-referencing the types of personal information that might be collected with the people you might want to share it with (or not). The Trust Spectrum matrix requires you to think about what kind of information is shared, both voluntarily and inadvertently, with edtech vendors. For example, would you share your email address with a government agency, and under what circumstances? Is it okay for a student to share their ethnic background or identity with advertisers? Are we okay with collecting biometric data, like voice recordings and face identification? Are there some kinds of data you would never share? Or, are there certain circumstances where you would share no personal information? Leveraging Common Sense’s years of privacy experience, we’ll have a conversation about personalizing your choices about privacy for edtech.

Conversational Practice

We’ll run through a how-to exercise discussing the privacy ratings and when, where, and how to use them during your education planning. The exercise will include polling the audience and then using their choices to construct a matrix for privacy protection in education.

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