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Stories Behind the Stories: A Student Created Textbook

Session 3
Karen Falcon, Jamila Carter — Jubilee School

Jubilee students in grades 5 and 6 have been researching, writing and illustrating pieces for a student-created textbook that they are publishing. In order to learn truths about their history, our students learn to dig below the surface and find under-told stories of African American courage, resistance and collective accomplishments. This builds a strong sense of the richness of their culture and their legacy, as well as their vital place in history.

Conversational Practice

The whole presentational will be conversational. Lashe Miles, a graduate who was vitally involved in the formation of the textbook, will ask present and former Jubilee students questions about about the research, interviews, writing and illustrating they engaged in, and what impact the process it has had on them. Workshop attendees will be encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation. After the presentation, discussion groups will be formed to come up with ideas for their students to engage in research about under-told stories from their own communities, or about the stories behind the stories in American and/or world history. Participants will be encouraged to keep in touch with each other as their projects are tried out in their classrooms.

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