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When Things Get Real: Exploring the Social and Emotional Demands of Student-Centered Learning

Session 4
Zachary Herrmann, Taylor Hausburg, Matthew Riggan — University of Pennsylvania, The Workshop School

A key element of authentic teaching and learning is supporting students in making connections between academic content, their personal lives, and the world. When that happens, things can get real. What are the social and emotional demands of student-centered learning, and what can educators do to support students in meeting those demands? How can teachers intentionally build community, relationships, and self- and social-awareness and management, in ways that feel genuine and that support the broader learning and developmental goals of their students? Join our session to explore these questions, share ideas and resources, and generate new insights on how we can support all students to meaningfully engage in authentic learning opportunities.

Conversational Practice

We plan to utilize several different participation protocols to engage our participants in meaningful discussion and inquiry. First, we will use a “problem framing” protocol, where participants will work in small groups to articulate a framing (and perhaps multiple framings) of the challenge of social emotional learning in student-centered classrooms. Next, participants will engage in a “why, how, what” protocol, where they will draw on their own experiences and observations to make connections between specific teaching strategies and the impact they have on promoting social and emotional learning. Finally, participants will collaborate on a shared google document where they will document ideas, resources, protocols, etc. This document will serve as a shared resource for our participants and their schools.

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