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Dreaming and Working Toward Love-Filled Liberation in Schools

Session 1
shea martin, Lizzie Fortin

What does it mean to dream and work toward love-filled liberation in our schools and communities? How do we involve our students, colleagues, and families in the processes of disrupting inequitable systems and co-creating learning spaces that are revolutionary and liberatory?

Based on the work of scholars Barbara Love, bell hooks, and Bettina Love, this conversation will build on educators’ ideas of love, liberation, and inclusion within their work. Our time together will also involve the analysis of internal and external barriers preventing progress and institutional change within schools - personal experiences, school and/or district policies, capacity, curriculum, colleague relationships, etc. In this space, we will introduce frameworks and resources that can be used by educators seeking to navigate tensions and build coalitions within their school. In sum, we would like to facilitate a conversation that allows educators to truly dream of liberation, to unpack barriers to that liberation within their schools and communities, and to begin to develop ambitious action plans to achieve their goals of equity, inclusion, and liberation in schools.

Conversational Practice

This conversation will utilize many conversational techniques that center intentional relationship-building and reflection. For example, we will begin with a community builder, transition into individual reflection with sharing occurring in constructivist listening dyads. The conversation will involve a lot of participant engagement via chalk talk and contributions to a resource that may be shared widely with educators seeking to navigate similar tensions and challenges in their own schools. This session will be full of love, fun, dialogue, and action planning.

Presenter Profiles

shea martin
shea martin
Lizzie Fortin
Lizzie Fortin


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