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Teaching Soft Skills Through STEAM K-12

Session 1
Kammas Kersch, Kara Denning — St. Elizabeth School

Welcome- As attendees arrive, they will be asked to cluster by grade level. Presenters will introduce themselves and the topic. A Google Doc will be shared to attendees to provide feedback and share ideas throughout the session. Part 1- Breakdown of soft skills (Attendees will discuss in small groups the soft skills that they think are important and those that they teach formally or informally in their classes. Groups will then share out verbally and in the Doc. Presenters will provide feedback regarding which soft skills they highlight and will be tracing through the presentation. Each attendee will identify a soft skill to focus on for the day.) Part 2- Discussion of STEAM (Presenters will share how they have integrated soft skills into STEAM. They will provide specific lesson examples, while sharing challenges and successes. Attendees will discuss and share in the Doc a lesson that they would like to incorporate soft skills into their courses. Presenters will also share the statistics that support the need to incorporate soft skills in industries based in STEAM.) Part 3- Implementation Plan (Presenters and attendees will discuss how to incorporate the soft skill that they chose to focus on into their specific lesson. There will be opportunities to verbally and digitally provide feedback. Attendees will finalize their implementation plan and share with their groups.)

Conversational Practice

We will be using Google Docs to share information and ideas as we go. We will also be sharing in small groups. Presenters will facilitate conversation. We will also be hosting poll questions on Instagram and Twitter.

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Kammas Kersch
Kammas Kersch
Kara Denning
Kara Denning


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